2 comments for “Denise Milani – Needs to Check Your Blood Pressure

  1. Everett
    July 16, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Forget my [email protected]@k#[email protected] blood pressure. I’d like her to check out my hydraulics. All she’s gotta do is flash those magnificent boobs at me and out pop my willy! 😀

  2. Clive Williams
    July 19, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    She can check my blood pressure by insisting I cum into her private office where she can pull down my boxer shorts and gasp in amazement as she stares at my nice tight ass muscles perfect for power pumping my big handsome cock that seems to have a life of its own as it wiggles and twists around and continues to lift its chin up and down and up towards looking at the ceiling as if searching for a warm wet hole to slide its throbbing body into that secret place that so loves to feel such a hard pulsating hot cock pounding in perfect rhythm with my heart pounding in perfect rhythm with my big cock pounding loud enough to send erotic vibrations shaking her desk and making her body quiver and tremble as she thrusts her great big tits in my face and grabs my big hot hard throbbing cock in her hand taking my pulse racing heart pounding blood pressure pumping up pumping pressure blood up pumping my big hard cock sliding into her mouth sucking cock so hot so as to melt her brain into liquid mind boiling into high pressured steam blowing from her ears with now cock now sliding between her big tits taking my pulse racing my mind racing my pulse racing my mind racing with erotic thoughts and electric visions flashing fast flashing visions of intense titty fucking cum flying cock sliding mouth sucking tits bouncing wild ass riding power pumping pussy squirting cum hot fucking on and over the top of her desk shaking her big tits shaking her desk shaking big tits shaking her desk shaking as she reaches one wild orgasm after another one cum one after another before all this heart pounding high tension excitement is released with my launching long streaming jets of hot cum flying up and splashing down all over her quivering body……!!

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