2 comments for “Iga Wyrwal – Platinum Blonde

  1. Colin
    June 8, 2013 at 4:16 am

    One of my most loved glamour models.

    She is so sexy and kmows it to!

    Just one tiny problem she seems to have whn posing anywhere?

    And that is not to show off fully her amazing ass from behind so to speak.

    She shows of al of her amazing sexy curvy body fine except her full ass views?

    Like here she shows just a side angle view of that perfect ass!

    But I’ve looked at almost all the sets over the years she has done, And each time open legs views close up pussy views, her lovely big natural boobs well shown off, all in fact except that ass fully?

    Very odd indeed for a glamour model who wishes to show of full nude in most of her sets?

    And you see the front standing up posing showing her hips!
    She has lovely curvy sexy well formed hips and great thighs!

    So even though she has lovely boobs small waist lovely legs and curvy hips, She will not in 99% of sets I seen she will not show us that ass fully nude from the full back view?

    As for on fours posing, well she does that, But only from the front or side views, Never from the back view except when she has knickers on. ( pants to you usa fans )

    Such a real shame she feels ok showing off all but that pert but well curved ass?

    From the very though views I’ve seen I seen of it like here, There is nothing wrong with it? No moles, no tatoos ( which are bad to see on a smooth skin sexy woman anyway ) no marks, or anything to stop the showing off of that ass fully nude?

    Very odd?

    And I’ve seen more mor now happy to pose full nude and then not show their bums or pussy even in playboy mag online?

    Come on your sexy lovely models if you are so self asured to pose full nude when other models only go topless in g-strings or do nudes were they show only the bare body without showing nipples or pussy?

    Then Please Iga Wyrwal alets see you 100% full nude showing that ass as well as the rest of you perfect sexy curvy body?

    A nice full view of that ass nude maybe bend over soon or on fours seen from behind with no underware or hands covering your pussy would make our day?

  2. smthshave
    August 9, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Wow, very hot!!

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